My daughter was born with the gift for storytelling. She has written countless tales, illustrating them or acting them out with whatever little characters she can find, since she first started talking, and the taleshave become more and more complex over time. 

As I have played around with filmmaking on my own learning curve as a storyteller, we have found one more way we like to create together - turning her stories and songs into films I can practice editing and such, which also gives me a chance to teach her some things along the way.

This will be the home of all the Sashaland Productions we create together that she would like to share. :)

Banana Goes Visiting

The first official Sashaland Production was "Banana Goes Visiting"

While staying at Grandma's one weekend we had some fun filming in her backyard. Sasha wanted to create something starring her fave monkey Banana, so we gathered some footage of him making his way here, there and everywhere around the yard.

Once I finally got around to editing the randomness into a bit of a story sequence, we created a quick script and recorded the voice over. A little more tweaking and here we go.

The process was a little bit backwards trying to piece things together , but we learned a lot trying to work together on this quick and easy piece to practice with. :)

Completed November 2013

Song for a Cloudy Day

We like to sing together on walks to school, or out and about, and she has a knack for making up melodies and riffing lyrics. We never remember the whole song (often more like epic musical stories). But one day Sasha started a tune with one line of a song that stuck in my mind. Then I added a line, which gave us a chorus. After we had a chorus she liked, we invited our creative friends to add a line, a verse, or play with it however they were inspired to! Now, with some collaborative help from friends, and her awesome piano teacher, we have created a song that will help everyone smile on those grey cloudy days. :)

This is a just a little video we created last year to share the first bit of the song with everyone, and next is a full video featuring the completed "Song for a Cloudy Day"...when we get it done. She's learning how to play it on piano, and I'm learning how to play it on the guitar. We have other musical folks planning to play along when we are ready to film it, so stay tuned.

Created June 2013

Super Sasha and the Power to Help

A fun collaborative creation on a lazy Sunday morning. Sasha says "let's make a book together!" She tells the tale. I write it out for her. She draws the pictures. She narrates while I film. I edit and post for your viewing pleasure.
Hope you enjoy "Super Sasha and the Power to Help" : )

Created in May 2012