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what I be and what I love to do:

I grew up in Toronto and also lived in Burlington and places in between. Graduated high school and went on to Humber College to study Child & Youth Work. Not able to afford completion of my college program, one year off to make money turned into many, and with no idea what to do next, I packed up my car and drove across country to Vancouver.

Life has continued to provide me with a very extensive education ever since through raising a family, gaining experience through a wide array of volunteer opportunities, and through work I have found myself on a path that has focused on service and helping others. I love people!

After years of involvement as a community activist, I found that public education was my primary passion, and through experiences such as working on the Charter for Public Education, I have been exposed to a wide array of perspectives that continue to challenge my thinking. I have organized forums, attended conferences, facilitated workshops, and have been a speaker, panel member and emcee of a number of public events. I am always searching for ways to grow as a writer and advocate through hands on experience, and I also have a desire to communicate these issues to a broader public. That is how the ideas began forming in my mind for a documentary of some kind to raise awareness of the impacts of privatization on public education.

Out of the desire to make the documentary came the birth of Saucy Side Productions, and with the help of a great friend I started to throw myself into learning how to get it done. Like most things in life, it wasn't as easy I thought it would be. You never know until you try. ;)

However, as I have pitched ideas, worked with various people to film a bunch of stuff and develop new proposals, and tried and failed a few times, I have come to learn a lot about every step of film production. I now know what I'm not good at, and what I have a knack for andreally love doing. I have found that I love playing with ideas, creating with others, using the camera to film as a new way to document things and tell a story, and I love getting lost in the editing process for hours on end.

So, as the Educate Me Project continues to evolve, with a new focus on a series of short films instead of one long one, Saucy Side Productions continues to evolve as well. And now I'm filming anything and everything I want to while collaborating with others to continue to learn and have fun. Including the enjoyment of creating with my daughter working on her Sashaland Productions!

I continue to quench my thirst for learning new things by spending time practicing my guitar, learning a new language, increasing the amount of food I can grow each year, and I work to enhance my skills in writing, film production, community development, sustainability and other things that interest me by volunteering, attending workshops, forums and lectures whenever I can.

I'm around in the social media world of facebook (/positivekat), twitter (@positivekat) and tumblr (1positivekat) and you're welcome to follow along if you want to.

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