The Educate Me Project has been an idea in development for a long time. From a discussion between two moms around concerns for our childrens future, to attempts to make a full length documentary, to ideas for a national project that engages Canadians and inspires folks to speak up for investment in our communities. Dream big, learn a lot, keep trying.

I have pitched various ideas to various people. From investigative journalistic feel, to kitchen table discussion feel. From negative focus to positive. And every lens has taught me new things. I have saved all the archives of these pitch videos, and edited segments shared over the years on the educatemecanada youtube channel.

The big project was just too big. Life kept getting in the way and the learning curve was steep. But I have acquired a whole new skill set that I actually love, and now want to make a series of short film ideas I have broken out from big picture ideas of the documentary.

I remain positively motivated to produce pieces that contribute to a debate on the potential for public education.

I will post production updates on the blog I have started for my saucy side  - 1positivekat

Here is where you will find new films and edited bits as they are ready for you to enjoy.

This is the rough-cuttrailer I created to pitch the idea of a documentary on the impacts of privatization on public education. All of the camera work was done by original Saucy Side Productions partner Tanya Skuce. We filmed at a conference, a rally and other locations to collect enough footage for me to edit. Thanks to David Koehler and Allan Booth who were big helps as our crew on filming days.

I originally wanted a documentary project to accompany a full web site to share resources and more. This little video was something I created to introduce people to the project goal: get people talking about investment in schools with a funding formula that reflects what the neighbourhood needs.Thanks to Rob Hellenius and Ray Morgan from Left Hand Media Co-op for supporting the work I was doing in this stage of development. :)